Even though classic cognitive theory is heavily based on a network perspective, it is only through the application of network science tools that such theory can now be quantitatively studied. The convergence of these two multidisciplinary and multifaceted disciplines, cognitive science and network science, is allowing to quantitatively study the human mind like never before.

Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary research field that relies on the combination of in depth psychological understanding with sophisticated computational modeling tools. In recent years Network Science methodologies have become the dominant approach in modeling cognitive systems, as it is a natural relational structure capable of capturing and modeling many of the types of relational information cognitive scientist believe comprise and impact human thought.

We aim to bring together a broad group of researchers who are motivated by understanding the workings of the human mind and who apply tools of network science as a means to explore the mind.

Organising Committee:


Nicole M. Beckage, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Kansas

Yoed N. Kenett, Psychology Department, University of Pennsylvania

Massimo Stella, Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, University of Southampton

Michael S. Vitevitch, Department of Psychology, University of Kansas